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First birthday books

First birthday books are a delightful way to commemorate the monumental first year of a child's life. These books serve not only as a cherished keepsake but also as a way to capture all the milestones, adventures, and moments that made the year so special. Whether you're seeking a personalized first birthday book, a custom first birthday book, or simply a unique 1st birthday book, our selection offers a range of options to celebrate this significant occasion.

Personalized birthday books for 1st birthday celebrations add a special touch, allowing you to tailor the content to reflect the personality and journey of your little one. From their first words to their favorite activities, these books can capture the essence of their first year in a way that is both personal and heartfelt.

My first birthday book options are designed with both parents and children in mind, offering a way to document each precious memory with photos, stories, and milestones. These first birthday photo books become a treasure trove of memories, filled with moments that you'll look back on with joy for years to come.

For those who value uniqueness and customization, a custom first birthday book provides the perfect opportunity to create something truly one-of-a-kind. Incorporate personal messages, choose your themes, and even include beloved family photos to create a book that will be read and loved for years to come.

Explore our curated selection of first birthday books to find the ideal way to celebrate your child's first year. These books are not just gifts; they are a celebration of growth, love, and all the little moments that make the first year of life so unforgettable.

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Eco Leather Baby Photo Book

Pictured: Powder blue color, Pages color: Pastel green, Embosing option #3

€125.00 €112.50

Leather Pregnancy Book

Pictured: Nuage color, Inner page color: Pastel brown

€217.00 €195.30

Linen Baby Photo Book

Pictured: Pear green color, Pages color: Pastel green, Cover writing color: White, Design: #B74

€125.00 €112.50

Linen Baby Photo Book

Pictured: Blue silk color, Pages color: Pastel blue, Cover writing color: Gold foil, Design: #B83

€125.00 €112.50

Linen Baby Photo Book

Pictured: Scented Valentine color, Pages color: Pastel grey, Cover writing color: Gold foil, Design: #B81

€125.00 €112.50

Linen Baby Photo Book, Limited Bunny Edition #B15UV

Pictured: Cloud white color, Pages color: Ash grey, Design: #B15UV

€139.00 €125.10